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A little about us…

Stampanda launched in the fall of 2014, but they’re part of a family of world-class stamp makers who have been in the business since 1933. Owned by the Govin Family, one of the largest stamp manufacturers in the world, Stampanda has already become a well-known name in the industry.

Stampanda stamps are created from premium materials and are made by hand in their facilities, located in Tampa Florida. Expert designers and craftsmen share the same space with state-of-the-art machinery, a fine-tuned shipping department and some of the friendliest customer service personnel you’ll ever encounter. This teamwork produces a world class personalized product that is made within two business days and delivered to the customer quickly.

The Stampanda team decided early on in development that it wasn’t enough to offer an enormous variety of designs. They also wanted to make a product that the customer would be proud to display. Who wouldn’t want a little panda with glasses and a bow tie smiling at them throughout the day? The white body stamper body is exclusive to Stampanda as well, and stands out in a world of ho-hum gray and black office supplies and stationery products.

Lots of love goes into our stamps. We hope you will try one for yourself!

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